One month to go!

Today is exactly one month until…

Our family moves to Haiti!

The past month we have been busier than we have been in our entire lives. It has been a good busy though. We first packed up all of our belongings and since they would be making the trek across our country, the ocean and Haiti as well, we had to really pack well. We have never seen so much foam sheets, bubble wrap, shrink wrap & packing tape! 😉 Jim and his friend Jim Jameson drove our U-Haul down to RMI headquarters in Florida where our shipping container was dropped of. They loaded it and then our container started its journey shortly after. It will Lord willing, arrive right around the time we do next month, in Haiti.

Now that we have the packing done and our belongings on their way, we are finishing last minute details with the sale of our home, getting the stuff we need to get our permis in Haiti and spending as much time with family & friends as we can. The boys were VERY excited when their passports came in the mail.

We have a new mailing address!


Jim & April Starkey – CAY 30007
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Ave E.
Venice, FL 34285

We would LOVE to receive mail from you all when we are in Haiti. There are a few things to keep in mind though that we wanted to share.

  • All packages or items over 1 lb will cost us $4 per pound to receive it, so if you can possibly pay that fee through Agape by calling them or going on their website to pay ahead of time, then we won’t have to pay that fee to receive the mail. That helps out a lot.
  • With that in mind, go in with others to help on shipping costs if you want to send a care package and make sure to weigh beforehand so you are not surprised by shipping costs.
  • Please do not mail us anything until the last week of August or after.

We have been asked from time to time what items would be helpful to have down there, for others to ship to us as a care package. Of course once we are down there, we will know more and give an updated list but for now we will share what suggestions we have heard from other missionaries in our area:

1. Spice/food packets such as spices, ranch packets, taco packets.
2. Jello & pudding packets that we can make popsicles and other things with.
3. Flavored drink mixes we can use for our shave ice machine a friend got the boys.
4. Letters, cards & drawings.  Updated photos of your family.
5. Seasonal/holiday items for decor or food.
6. Artificial color/dye free gummies & candy for the boys.
7. Essential oils, which we will diffuse in our home & use for our family in many ways.
8. Jim & April are avid readers so any great devotional, encouraging, or growth biblical based book.

TIP: If you send anything that is sealed, pop a small pin size hole in the bag (due to air pressure in airplane) and draw a circle around it so we can easily find it and tape it once it arrives.

Copy of Starkey FamilyMonthly Supporters (1)

Some go, some send. 🌎✈️

We are going, we need senders. 

Are you a sender?

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray as we speak one last time at our home church on August 4th and at North Buffalo Grace Brethren Church on August 11th.
2. Pray for us to finish this side of the journey well, as we say good bye and finish all we need to do on this side.
3. Praise God for the sale of our home. Please pray that our two vehicles will sale before we move. A 2016 Kia Sedona Van & 2010 Limited Toyota Rav 4.
4. Our boys have asked to get baptized before we leave and so they are getting baptised on our “send off” Sunday, Aug 18th at our church. They have some nerves about it though so please be praying for their hearts and nerves.
5. For the health of all of us. April has what we believe to be a morton’s neuroma (inflamed nerve) on her left foot, making it hard to walk.
6. For our transition with weather, settling into our new home, boys starting school there a week after we move and everything else that comes with transition.
7. For the rest of the monthly support we need to come in before we move.

Rejoice with us friends! God has been nothing but faithful on this journey. From 1 1/2 years ago when this all started to now, it has been truly amazing to see the way He has orchestrated everything. The best part has been how He has done it through YOU ALL! You are the hands that are sending us…TRULY! Thank you for being a part of what Jesus is doing in Haiti! Lives forever being changed for His glory & Kingdom because of your faithfulness in giving & supporting our family to go. We are so thankful for you all. We love you. 

The Starkeys

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