Updates, Praises & Prayer Requests!



1. Praising God for another church who donated their VBS coin money to our journey and sent in $900! We had a total of almost 2k from VBS’s this summer towards our journey!

2. Several new monthly supporters since the last update. God is moving! We are excited!

3. We are now officially 54% raised in our ONE-TIME MOVING costs! We are doing so well with that, that we have to focus more now on our monthly support because even if we get 100% of our one-time moving costs built up, we can’t move until we have our monthly support raised! So exciting!

4. The start of our homeschool year with both boys has been going great. Thank you so much for your prayers. The boys are really starting to understand what’s happening and they get excited every time we tell them of a new monthly supporter. They’ve been talking more and more about what our family will be doing in Haiti and are excited.



1. We are going to Vancouver, Washington in 2 weeks, for some more training. Our organization, RMI, has been so wonderful with supporting us on this journey and helping us as much as they can, to get there! They are needing us there and we have set a new goal move date for March of 2019! Please be praying for this training and for God to work in it, to help us mightily and for safe travels there & back! This is not cultural training, as that will happen when we are around 65% raised and the boys will come to that with us.

2. Keep praying for more speaking opportunities. We have two churches we are in communication with that we are hopeful to speak at soon! Pray that works out Lord willing! Excited to see God open doors and send us to speak where He wants us.

3. We are thankful God has been filling up Jim’s calendar with coffee chat’s with people, as he shares our calling to Haiti with them. Please pray for Jim as he continues this and tries to fill up his calendar each week with appointments. Pray for April also as she is home more hours with the boys by herself because of Jim being in the meetings.

4. Please pray for God to continue to use this journey even on this side of Haiti, to grow us in Him and grow others as well. That we would continue to feel His peace and joy through the waiting stage and wisdom to know how to go about each new step.

5. For God to connect us with the families, individuals and churches He wants to use to be our monthly supporters and that they would start soon so we can count it towards our percentage. We would LOVE to be at 50% by the beginning/middle of Fall! We are so close (like 2%) away from 30% right now! If you’d like to be one of our monthly supporters, you can go HERE to start or HERE to learn more! If you’d like to have a coffee chat with Jim or April to hear more about our calling, what we will be doing and see what it would look like for your family to join our monthly support team, just let us know by clicking on CONNECT WITH US! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much everyone!  We love you all and appreciate your prayers more than you know!


Jim & April

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