Hodge podge of info!

We wanted to do a quick little post to share a few bits of info with you all! If you are signed up to receive one of our newsletter in the mail, you will be getting yours in the coming week! If you’d like to start getting those (come about every 3-4 months), just fill out our contact page on the blog!

Progress Report: We are thankful for two new monthly supporters this week! We are at 27% raised right now. We have 73% more to raise in monthly support before we can move. The generosity and sacrifice of the families who are our monthly supporters have been a great source of joy and encouragement to us, so THANK YOU! We need people to join our support team!  This means, we need more people who will pledge to continually pray for us and give financially to us, on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually). We can’t go and serve in Haiti without more people joining our team. Would you like to join our team and pledge your monthly support? Go HERE to do so!

COMMUNITY BIBLE PEEPS: Our wonderful church has made it super simple for the families at our home church to start their automatic giving to us. If you go to church with us, please start your monthly support for us THROUGH RMI, not the church. You can go to the church website and click on MISSIONS and you will see MEET THE STARKEYS and there is a link on our page that will take you directly to the donate page on our missionary organization’s website! We need you, our home church family, to pray about your family being one of our monthly supporters. Simply put, we need you to go! Thank you so much ❤ We love you all so much! Here is what it will look like BELOW. http://www.DiscoverCommunity.org



Thanks so much everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful June. If you’d like to be a part of our Praying the Starkeys to Haiti private group on Facebook, just let us know and we will add you. We add specific requests to that weekly.

We are in the process this week of going through our house and getting rid of everything we know we will not be able to bring with us to Haiti. We plan on having a garage sale soon so stay tuned for dates and info on it because we will probably have quite a bit of books, toys and many other household items! We also finished our landscaping and took some outdoor pictures of our house in case we get to 50-60% raised during fall/winter, so we can have some nice summer pictures of our house and yard to show prospective buyers!

Until next time,

The Starkeys

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