Shipping to the Starkeys

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IMPORTANT! If you would like to write us or send a package to our family, first of all, thank you so much. They always brighten our day when we get something in from someone in the states. SECOND, please send it to the address below. If it is over 1 lb, we kindly ask that you include a check or cash in an envelope and put it inside of your package to help cover the shipping costs we have to pay in order to receive it. It is $4 per 1lb. So if your package is 4 lbs, we would greatly appreciate it if you could put a check for $16 made out to Jim & April Starkey inside of your package. That way when the package arrives, we can mobile deposit it to our bank in the USA and pay for our shipping costs to Agape from our account.  (If you want to send us something as a surprise, no worries, you can send the shipping $ separate after you have heard from us that we have received it.)


Jim & April Starkey – CAY 30007
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Ave E.
Venice, FL 34285
There are three ways you can help in this way!
1. You can pick your own items up and put in a box and send to the address above.
2. You can check out the list below and at our amazon wish list link and order online to have it shipped to the address above.
3. You can go HERE  to Thrive Market online and purchase a gift card and send to the email and that will be applied towards our monthly box we are doing now that has health food items April needs with her new food restrictions for her healing. We also are trying to do one Wal-mart order per month with cold items that are shipped in a cooler, to help with items we need. Wal-mart e-cards would be great for that as well.

We have been asked what items would be helpful or fun to receive in Haiti and so we have come up with a list to help give some ideas. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you so much!

  • All packages or items over 1 lb will cost us $4 per pound to receive it. Please read the paragraph above our address for further information. With that in mind, go in with others to help on shipping costs if you want to send a care package and make sure to weigh beforehand so you are not surprised by shipping costs.
  1. Spice/food packets such as spices, ranch packets, taco packets, bacon bits.
  2. Orgain brand Organic Protein Powder (chocolate preferred)
  3. Almond milk powder.
  4. Tuna Creations Packets.
  5. Elderberry gummies.
  6. Jovial brand brown rice pasta.
  7. Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Hemp Grain-free granola.
  8. Ghee.
  9. Coconut Secret Coconut aminos.
  10. Organic Mac-n-cheese, veggie straws, gold fish.
  11. Healthy gluten free/dairy free snacks/food items.
  12. Artificial color/dye free gummies & candies for the boys.
  13. Letters, cards & drawings. Photos of your family.
  14. Seasonal/holiday items for decor or food or fun.
  15. Jim & April are avid readers so any great devotional, encouraging or growth biblical based book or DVD/board game for the family.
  16. Alba botanica or Hairitage shampoo/conditioner. (Walmart, kroger, & amazon has it)
  17. Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap


TIP: If you send anything that is sealed, pop a small pin size hole in the bag (due to air pressure in airplane) and draw a circle around it so we can easily find it and tape it once it arrives.