How you can pray for us

For those of you not in our private Facebook group called PRAYING THE STARKEYS TO HAITI (let us know if you’d like to be added), we thought from time to time we will share some of our PRAISES & PRAYER REQUESTS with you all via our blog as well. You will never know how much it means to us to know people are going to our awesome God on our behalf!23023474_10214472960595259_1847089777_n


  1. Incase you missed the blog post from a bit ago, Isaac, our oldest son got saved at home the day before Good Friday. Praising God for all He is doing in Isaac’s life.
  2. We just celebrated 13 years of marriage on May 14th. We’ve been together since we were 15 years old!
  3. Tuesday the 22nd we celebrated Kiah’s graduation from preschool and April’s birthday.
  4. We are 26% raised in monthly support (that is the support we need to be at 100% before we can move to Haiti) and 35% raised for our moving costs (this is to help us move our whole family there and all the training etc and more) (At 65% we leave for cultural training, which is here in the states)
  5. We just had a successful fundraiser to help our moving costs. It brought in $2,279!
  6. The senior saints at our church invited us to their luncheon to share that they are going to start donating the left over money each month from their luncheon, to our Haiti fund!  What a blessing!
  7. We spoke at a wonderful home church who were so encouraging to us, Bethel Baptist in Ashland, OH and our home church during the month of April/beginning of May!


  1. April’s mother had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack a.k.a Mini-Stroke) last week and April went to PA to be with her throughout the week. They found a large atheroma (plaque) on her ascending aorta and it cannot be taken out so we are praying for God’s healing over her and April’s mom is now on meds and a very strict diet to try and decrease the plaque.
  2. That God would use us in our journey of raising support, to be of an encouragement and blessing to others as we speak, grow our relationships and share our story. Pray that God will use us and we will be aware of moments and situations where the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do or say something. That we would be a blessing to all we meet and for courage and boldness to proclaim God’s love HERE and in Haiti.
  3. That through this, we would find the joy in each moment and part of it and hold onto that, as we are in the waiting process.
  4. The biggest thing we need prayer for is for more opportunities to speak and more monthly supporters! We know God is in all the details and so we trust Him knowing He knows exactly what He is doing and how He will raise up our funds to go!
  5. Continued health! We are both eating healthy and working hard at getting as healthy as we can before we move. We want to be in as good shape as we can before we move so that our bodies don’t hinder us from anything God has us do in Haiti.
  6. We each have a list of things on our agenda we need to get done in the next week or two. Including meeting with friends and family over coffee to share our hearts, trying to connect with more churches, sending out some packets, sending out thank you’s to our current monthly supporters creating, sending out our 3rd mailed newsletter out, making videos and more! Please pray for us to know which to do first, energy to do so and timing as we are balancing it all with normal day to day family/work things!
  7. We have just one more church speaking engagement on our calendar in July and the rest of our calendar is open for us to travel in Ohio or other states to share in churches. If you would like to have us come visit your church, small group, bible study group etc, we’d love to, please contact us with the info! We can share in as little as 10 minutes during the service or longer if you’d want us to!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! In closing, we found an article that feels like it could have been written from our hearts. You can read it in just 1-2 minutes! READ HERE: What Missionaries Really Need While Support Raising


You are Loved! Happy Mother’s Day!

You are Loved! (1)

Happy Mother’s Day to ….

– All the soon to be Mother’s who are feeling their precious little ones kick inside of them right now and long for the moment to hold them for the first time.

– All the Mother’s who are yet to be. Who long for the time they see a positive pregnancy test or get the call from the adoption agency that they were picked. I’ve walked your journey, it’s a hard one, but don’t give up, it’s so worth it on the other end. Pray now for your children in the future, wherever God brings them to you from. How He puts your family together will be the most beautiful way it can be done.

– All who have lost their Mother and now use this day to remember her. Dwell on all the good, think about the precious moments you had with her growing up and spend today thanking God for your mom, no matter how long you had her in your life. May you feel God’s peace with you today 

– All the Mother’s with children with special needs or children from hard places that just need extra loving, extra work on our part as Mother’s to advocate hard for them to find the best treatment, therapy or whatever else to help them thrive. To those that even might have had to put up with a hard situation or meltdown TODAY as a Mother (that may have happened in our household this morning 😉 ), but you are so thankful they are YOUR child and you would do anything for them.

– All who have littles running around your feet and you feel exhausted most of the time but you are so thankful each day to wake up and hear them call you MOMMA and reach out with open arms to you.

– All the mommas of Teenagers and young adults. Such emotional, trying times for Momma’s and beautiful times too! You grow as much as they are growing, as you learn more and more to let go and let God lead them knowing He loves them more than you can imagine. Hold on to each little moment with them and remind yourself of all the seeds you are planting now that you will see one day.

– All the mommas who has lost sweet precious littles. Whether in the womb or after you’ve held them in your arms or who have been with them for years. You knew them, you loved them, you named them and for some, you held them. Today can be so hard for us momma’s who have others in eternity (we have 6 sweet children waiting for us in heaven) that we can’t wait to see one day. Praying peace for us as we remember the good things about the time we had with them 

– All Birthmomma’s who so bravely chose to give life to their sweet babies so that they would live. They walk a hard, lonely road but one from such bravery and courage. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are loved. You are worthy. You are needed. Praying for you to feel God’s love wrapped around you today.

-All the mothers with grown kids who may even now have some grandkids as well. Cherish all those sweet adult moments with them. They may be less now and they may look differently than they did when your children were growing up, but make no mistake about it, your children love you just as much and are so thankful for it, even if they don’t show it like they did before.

-All the mothers who have children who have walked away, are struggling, rebelling or hurting so deeply and you struggle to figure out how to help them & wonder what you can do. You are not alone. Fight for them on your knees daily in prayer to God knowing that God loves them more than you can ever imagine. Trust that the seeds you planted in the early years, will sprout and grow and bring them to where they need to be.

No matter where you find yourself today, THANK YOU for helping in one way or MANY to build-up, encourage and raise so many wonderful children, whether yours or not!

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3 days left!

Hey everyone! This has been a super fun fundraiser for us so far. We have been blessed with about 12 friends & family who have come around us to support us and help us collect orders as well, to help our total goal! How awesome is that! Our BIG GOAL is 232 boxes sold! One week in and we were at 139!!! So we are anxious and excited to see if we reach our goal on Sunday! We wanted to write ONE LAST TIME 😉 and share the fundraiser with you all incase you wanted a box of cards or two for yourself or to give away! They will be in by MOTHER’S DAY too! There are four boxes to choose from! Two different All Occasion boxes, one Thanks & Blanks and one Kids Birthday Box! Each box is $30 flat (no ship/tax) and comes with 30 high-quality individually wrapped cards.

Please let Jim and I know by Sunday if you’d like to order one. If you are local you can even give us cash/check BUT if you’d rather pay by card OR you live in another city/state and want a box, check out our online order form here to pay and see if a “Helper person” lives near you! We have them in Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Colorado and many cities in Ohio! ORDER HERE

Here are some examples of how gorgeous the cards are below:



The Starkeys