A little bit of Q & A!

Sunday we had the privilege of sitting down with our pastor during the message part of the service and we did a Q & A! This was a fun change up from what we usually do when we speak at churches. Our church has been so gracious to have us speak every few months, to give updates on our journey and share with people how they can help be a part of our team! This was our third time speaking at our home church, and our favorite so far as we really liked the style of our pastor asking us questions that we answered! Questions about everything from how life will be different for the boys there, will parenting be different, how will we prepare for the times we will feel overwhelmed due to all the hard things we will see there, to things like how we were called, updates and where we are at now etc! If you’d like to watch the Q & A you can find it below! At the end they had some of the pastors/elders/past missionaries come up and pray over us, which was very encouraging as well.



If you’d like to hear us speak in person, you can come to North Bend church in Butler Ohio coming up on the 18th of November or Lexington GBC on January 6th! If you’d like to have us come share at your church or small group/bible study, please let us know, we would love to! Want to join our support team to help us get down to Haiti? Click HERE!


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October Update!

Another month has come and gone and we have so much to be thankful for. This update brings beautiful BUT CHILLY 😉 Fall weather. We have been trying to enjoy this Fall weather, together as a family, as much as we can since this will Lord willing be our last Fall in the states. We went camping one more time for this year and brought Jim’s mom with us. The boys loved having Grammi come along on the adventure to Hocking Hills. We also went Apple picking and the boys had so much fun. April also had the privilege of going and spending a few days with her sister and parents as well, which was wonderful for each of them.

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BUSY BUSY! We have both been busy with our support raising efforts but it has been enjoyable as well because we love getting together with people, we love sharing our passion about Haiti and how God has worked in our lives. So it has also been a privilege as well to walk this journey of faith in raising support! Since our last monthly update, we have jumped from 29% in monthly support to 37%! How awesome is that! We are also 63% raised in our start-up costs to move, which we believe will be fully met by time we go because of the monthly support coming in right now that is going towards it until we move over! AMAZING! A lot of people ask at what percentage do we do certain things so we figured we would share that on here as well!

-We plan on putting up our house for sale at 50% raised, so we only have 13% to go and are praying that will be within the next month or so.

-Our organization shared around 65% is when we will go and do our cultural training, which we are really looking forward to. So we only have 28% to go for that and hope to be there within the next 1-2 months!

-At around 75% we start figuring out our housing situation down there and our organization shared that we will go down there one more time before we move to look at where we will be moving etc and start planning stuff. This also includes around that time, of getting our shipping container ready to ship off since it will take 1-2 months to get there. The plan is for it to arrive hopefully around the same time we do.

WE ARE GETTING CLOSER! We are very excited as we are getting close to things starting to really happen more as we get closer and closer. So we covet your prayers during this time, for good health, good connections, opportunities to speak, and encouragement as we continue our journey of getting fully funded so we can move. The date we are shooting for is March 2019 so we have 5 1/2 months to go non-stop. We have such peace that we will do what we can do and ask God to do what we can’t and just trust knowing He has this ALL figured out down to the very second we step off that plane and touch our feet on the soil we will call home. We are so thankful for that peace that comes from Him! We are so excited and joy filled for what He’s done already and what He is going to do. It’s been amazing to get to know our support team a bit more already and we look forward to growing those relationships through the years as we pray for them and connect with them.


This past week we had the opportunity to speak at a small group. This was an adoption/foster support group and they were so wonderful & welcoming. They asked so many amazing questions that we had so much joy answering. We were thankful for that opportunity. Next week on the 28th, we have the main session of the church service at our home church and the pastor is going to do a Q&A with us, so we are really excited about that. Coming up in the middle of November we will be speaking at another local church and the first of January we have another speaking engagement at a local church. We are very thankful for the opportunities we get whether it’s small groups, church services, or one-on-one coffee chats! So if you would like to help connect us with your small group or church, please let us know!


Like we shared above, we need prayer! We have seen the spiritual attacks already in this journey but we know Jesus is stronger than any of it. We are so encouraged by our awesome God, that He is in this and we are so thankful for what He has been doing in us through this journey. So please pray for us as get closer and closer to going over there. For more speaking opportunities, more connections, good health, April as she homeschools the boys and that during this time we can be a blessing and light to others.

Did you hear the cool news…we have spots left on our support team 😉 If you haven’t grabbed a spot yet, we have one JUST for you! 🙂 Joking aside, honestly we would be tremendously honored to have YOU invest in this ministry God has called us to. We would love to see how God uses this to change and grow you as well. Would you like to be one of the little gray people below? 🙂 If so, check out the chart and see where you would like to be and go HERE to start your monthly support! You can set the date even too of when you want it to start, how awesome is that! If you have any questions about it, please let us know!

We could not do this without you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support, encouragement, reading our updates and asking us how the journey is going means the world to us. We have an amazing tribe ❤ We love you all!

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Never knew training could be so fun!

A few weeks ago we went to Washington state for some training to continue to help us in our journey to Haiti. We went in not quite sure what to expect and knew we would be in training for 9 hours each of the two days there. They did a phenomenal job at keeping our attention from silly putty to hands on group activities to getting us up and involved.

We walked away from this training with so many tools in our belt. It was so helpful to give us so much wisdom, practical training and hands on practice with other missionaries as well. What we didn’t expect at all was to gain friendships that we did. We grew to love the people at our table and now have a group text chat with them. We also got to know 3 amazing people/couples from it as well. We LOVE what God is doing in their lives and we look forward to following their journeys.

We got in early the day before so we took advantage of it to drive around a bit since we were in the northwest and had never been before. We went to Multnomah Falls, which was absolutely breathtaking and then drove to Columbia River Gorge. On the flight home God gave me the gift of mountains. I had wanted to see mountains while we were there but we didn’t have time and the weather wasn’t cooperating. Well, on the flight home we literally flew right past Mt. Hood, which was the one I really wanted to see. I could also see 3 other mountains in the distance. It was INCREDIBLE!

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IMPORTANT! We are doing something exciting online the second week in October for our FAR AWAY FRIENDS & FAMILY! We are doing our best throughout the past few months and in the coming months, to get together and share our hearts, calling & Haiti ministry to everyone in person that we live near but we wanted a more personal way to share it with those that live far away, that we can’t meet in person with. So we decided to create and do our own fun online event where we will have videos of us sharing about our calling, what we will be doing down there and a lot more fun informative stuff! It will be sometime the week of the 8th-12th, so if you don’t live near us and you’d love to find out more about how God called us (it’s pretty awesome, go God!) and what we will be doing in Haiti, comment below, message/text or email us and let us know and we will add you to the event once we have it up and running!

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We are so thankful for each of you! Thank you for your support & prayers!


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