The danger of a single story.


Jim told me about this TED talk a year or so ago and how amazing it was. This lady from Nigeria shares the importance of hearing all parts of a people, a culture, a country…instead of focusing on ONE story. I urge you to listen to this 2 minute clip from it that really sums it up. AMAZING and powerful words that ring very true for HAITI as well. So much of the news and media portray ONE story about Haiti and as she said…“SHOW A PEOPLE AS ONE THING, AS ONLY ONE THING, OVER & OVER AGAIN, & THAT IS WHAT THEY WILL BECOME.”

Jim and I want to be a very small part of helping the world know the OTHER parts of the Haitian people and country. They are SO MUCH MORE than what the news and media share time & again. We look forward to when we are living there and can share real life stories with you all so you all can have a different view & perspective and better know how to pray for the amazing country of Haiti!




“Green Pastures”


When you read Psalm 23, and it mentions “green pastures” have you always envisioned fields of nothing but tall, beautiful green grass you can roll around in and eat all day? (Well if you were an animal that ate grass bahaha) I’ve heard this before and was reminded again yesterday while reading “Start with Amen” by Beth Guckenberger that it was completely NOT that at all. Beth shares in her book that while visiting Israel and watching the shepherds on the mountainside with their sheep, she asked the guide why the shepherd led them here where there wasn’t any grass and just a bunch of rocks. He went on to say…

“Look under the rocks. The dew from morning gets caught under them and small grass clumps grow. See how the shepherd is walking among them? Well, they know his voice and he’s pointing out to them where the grass is found.” …It doesnt take long for the sheep to finish that tuft of grass so they have to stay near the shepherd to hear his voice, so they know where to go and eat next. Here’s the cool thing…if the “green pastures” in psalm 23 were like what we imagined (full of thick grass), it would represent our TOTAL INDEPENDANCE. We could eat all we wanted, do what we wanted and just thank God for putting us there but all other factors would be in our control. HOWEVER…David was on rocky hillsides when he wrote psalm 23. His idea of God leading us to green pastures places us in a POSTURE OF DEPENDANCE. God’s way puts me in a position where He might provide only what will sustain me for the next 3-4 steps. Then, dependent on Him more, I stay on the path within earshot and listen for His leading so I’ll find what I need. LISTEN. BITE. STEP. REPEAT. …“GOD KNOWS I NEED TO HEAR HIS VOICE MORE THAN I NEED THE FIELD OF GRASS.”

Oh I cried a good cry when I read that last part. God is so kind and has been helping my weary heart so much the past week over our journey to Haiti. His time NOT mine. His plan, NOT mine. He’s in control of when our monthly support will come in so we can move, not me, so He just wants me to trust Him, follow so closely that I hear His voice to know what to do each step at a time….even if it’s just one little tuft of grass at a time. The AMAZING joy and peace He’s given me this week concerning our journey to Haiti is INCREDIBLE. Nothing has changed percentage wise this week but He has worked in my heart and showed me many things to help me in this waiting. He is so good and the time we get to Haiti will be the time He wants and needs us there, to bring Him the most glory! AMEN!!!

Ok God…I hear ya!


“The cure for an anxious heart is not building confidence in your own abilities to overcome today’s worries and concerns; it’s submitting your heart to an almighty and loving Father who will transform your greatest weaknesses into a display of His perfect provision.”

– Ruth Chou Simons

I’ve always been a natural worrier and as a young girl, I just assumed that was a part of me and always would be and there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully, as I grew older, God revealed to me through His word, how worrying can actually be a sin because it takes the focus off of Him and what Hes doing and makes me so focused on the problem or thing I’m worrying about. It makes me forget to trust in the One who breathed life into me and who spoke and the world existed. I’ve started to let my worries get the best of me again lately…y’all we are human and so this journey to the actual destination God has called us to is DOWN RIGHT HARD on many levels. It’s a daily laying down everything kind of journey! That is why we covet your prayers so greatly! I let my fears and worries creep in and say…”you still haven’t even reached 30% yet, you’re never going to get to 100% in monthly support to move” or “this is going to take so long, do you really think you can raise 100% up?” Or “you have no churches to speak at after July, how do you think you are going to find any that will let you come when you cant find any now”…and many other thoughts that I let the enemy say to me.

Yes I’m being real and raw but that is what you will always get with our family whether we are stateside or in Haiti, we will share our hearts and we will be real and honest with you because we believe that’s how we can best serve and how you all can best know how to pray for us.

THEN GOD! Oh friends, dont you just love when God doesnt leave you alone and He actually does what He says He will do 😉 I’ve been pouring my heart out to Him about my worries, this past week and I just HAD to share with you what He did in my heart.

Wednesday my bible time included reading Phil. 4:6-7. Then, yesterday during bible time at home with Isaac, our bible verse that we were suppose to read, learn and talk about was Philippians 4:6-7. If you grew up in the church at all, it is one you know well and sadly may even skip over sometimes because you know it so well. WELL…since it was for bible time, we actually took time to disect it a bit and ask questions about what it means and we pondered it. THIS helped my heart as much or probably more than it did Isaac’s! 😉

THEN… gets better! I went to moms prayer group last night and guess what the theme was….WORRY and one of the verses they shared and we talked about was….PHILIPPIANS 4:6-7!!! I was like…ok God, I get the point, You really want me to dwell on these words and do what they say.

WELL GOD KNOWS ME WELL and knew I needed one more time to really get it through that I needed to not just READ this but actually DO IT! So today after my bible time, I got out one of my devotional study books and guess what today’s topic was all about….YEP YOU GUESSED IT, anxiety and worry! The verse and picture she painted (picture above) was Philippians 4:6-7! WOW GOD! He used 4 different times this week to speak to my heart that HE HEARS ME, HE SEES ME, HE WANTS ME TO GIVE MY WORRIES TO HIM, TRUST HIM TO BRING THE MONTHLY SUPPORTERS IN AND FEEL HIS PEACE! I shouldnt be shocked He did that but I am for sure grateful He did ❤

So if you find yourself worrying and fretting over something like me, I hope this verse brings you comfort. He’s got this, whether its us needing families to be monthly supporters and we dont know how it’s all going to happen or it’s something else you are dealing with….we HAVE to remind ourselves we cant do it without Him anyways so why fret. He is the one who owns it all, created it all and has plans for it all…we are just the vessels! So let’s give it to Him since it’s already His and let’s just rest in His peace. (Now I just have to keep reminding myself of this daily) 😉 I am so thankful though that through this time of waiting and wondering when it’s all going to come together, its drawing us closer to Him and making us dig in deeper and THAT is exactly where we want to be!