What an impact!

Check out these amazing stats of what God did through RMI, our organization, in 2018! I was so encouraged reading RMI’s Impact Report that I wanted to share just a few of the numbers with you. To read the whole report go HERE .

The most important part is COUNTLESS lives that came to know Jesus and even though we don’t know the exact number, I can only imagine how many did come to know Him through all the discipleship and relationships this past year from teams, RMI staff and local village churches that were better equipped to know how to reach their local community for Jesus. 

  • SEVEN churches were built & reconstruction done on 9 other churches.
  • 7,587 children received a hot lunch daily. PRAISE GOD!
  • 482 water filters were given out to families.
  • 424 GOATS were given to families.
  • RMI processed 12 food containers which gave out 3,188,160 meals to people in Haiti.
  • Almost 17,000 children’s health were improved by being de-wormed.
  • 2,651 children sponsored to go to school!
  • 584 bibles & songbooks handed out.
  • 3 motorcycles given to pastors in Haiti.
  • 86 church & school benches built.
  • 350 solar lights.
  • 3 Hot Lunch Program storage rooms built, 10 each of school filing cabinets and blackboards given and installed, 9 sponsored children received emergency medical assistance, 23 teacher’s desks and chairs given out & 7 school rooms built with the Hope 4 Kidz program! WOW!
  • 32 teams came throughout the year to encourage, disciple & grow in their relationships with the local Haitian village/church they went to. Lives were changed on both ends!

AMAZING! We are so encouraged & excited to be a part of this when we move down to Haiti. Thank you so much to all of you who are a part of our monthly support team, to help us be able to get down there and stay down there! We love you!


Jim di Bonswa! (Jim says Hello)

bonjouHey everyone, Jim here! I wanted to write a post that means something to me and I hope you enjoy it.

A question I get asked a lot by people is “are you going to learn Haitian?” And the first thing I always a say is there is no such language as “Haitian”, people in Haiti speak “Haitian Creole”. 🙂 And the second thing I say is yes, one of the most important things we are doing and will continue to do when we get to Haiti is learn the language. I realized early on in my calling as a missionary that it’s not only fun to learn the language of the people you will be around, but it also allows you to develop relationships with people.

A Haitian friend of mine asked me why I wanted to learn about Haitian culture and language so much. I said when I am speaking to him through a translator, we are having a conversation, but in reality I am speaking to the translator, not to him. But when I speak Krèyol (the Haitian Creole spelling) with a Haitian, I am able to speak directly to him/her and it’s a two way conversation not a three way conversation. In this way we can build a relationship, even if it’s for a moment. I have also learned that if you have learned, or tried to learn some krèyol, most Haitians are extremely grateful because you have taken the time to learn the language of Haiti.

A little bit of background of Haitian Krèyol, is that it is a language comprised of a mixture of mainly French and some African dialects. When the French ruled (1697-1804) the western third of Hispaniola (the island Haiti is apart of with the Dominican Republic), they brought over slaves from Africa. These African slaves were from all over the west African coast and didn’t speak the same African dialect, but through time they picked up French and mixed it with some of the African dialects and voila, Haitian Creole was born.

Then you might ask, “how do you learn Krèyol when you aren’t in Haiti?” I am glad you asked 🙂 When we returned from our first trip to Haiti in 2016, I was so frustrated from that trip because I couldn’t speak Krèyol and I wanted desperately to talk to Haitians when I returned, so April got for me an online learn Haitian Creole course called HaitiHub. It has been a great learning tool! We also have gotten another online course for April and I called Learn Haitian Creole by Gloria, as well as a Learn Haitian Creole for kids for the boys! Zeke already knows some Creole because since he was born I have only spoke Krèyol to him. I did this because I wanted him to be bilingual and comfortable around Krèyol speakers when we move to Haiti.

God has blessed me with being able to learn a lot of Krèyol here in the states, but I look forward to becoming fluent in Krèyol. I know the only way to do that is full immersion, So I can’t wait to move down!

Se pou gras Bondye avek nou (God’s grace be with you),


Come hear us speak tomorrow!

REAL QUICK! If you haven’t had a chance yet to hear our story of how God called our family to Haiti, come out to Lexington Grace Brethren Church in Lexington, OH, tomorrow morning 9:30am, as we will be speaking there! We would love to see you.  Excited to see some people we haven’t seen in awhile!

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