Language studies & boys schooling update!

Hey everyone! Here is a fun brief update on language studies & the boys schooling!

LANGUAGE STUDIES: Once we move down to Haiti at the end of August, we will start our language studies. Jim has already learned quite a bit so he will definitely be ahead of April who is more of a beginner. We will both be hiring a local Haitian tutor to come daily to our house Monday through Friday for about an hour each day. Then we ourselves will probably do another hour on top of that going over what we just learned. As you can imagine, this will be a time of excitement but also intense learning where there will be moments where our brains will feel fried haha 😉

Creole Daily

BOYS SCHOOL: Isaac & Micaiah will be going to Cite Lumiere school in our little village. It is a school made up of mostly missionary kids. There are such a few numbers of kids and teachers this year that Isaac & Micaiah will most likely be in the same classroom. We have heard only amazing things about their teacher and they are excited, as are we. So group lessons like history, science, bible etc they can all do together and then subjects like math, reading etc will be broken up more individually since there will be several grades in the classroom. It kind of reminds me of a big homeschool co-op! They will go Monday through Friday 8am-1pm. We will take our ATV each morning to drop them off and then pick them back up at 1pm each day. The boys start school September 1st!

HERE IS WHERE YOU COME IN!!!! We are looking for people who would like to specifically sponsor/donate towards these two things that are very important to our ministry down in Haiti. Below you will see the breakdown that it costs for each of these things. Whether you would like to pick one and donate to cover the whole costs or just partial, we would be so grateful.


The total cost for 6 months of daily language tutoring for both of us will be around $2,400. We are looking for people to cover that cost completely or even a month or two of it, which breaks down to $400 per month. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of helping us learn the Haitian language to help us further our reach and be able to build relationships more. This could be given as a lump sum or broken down into monthly donations you can give specifically towards it. You just let us know! 🙂

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP SEND THE BOYS TO SCHOOL? The cost to send both boys to school, which includes tuition, curriculum, computer, new student & testing fees is $2,100 for both total or $175 per month. If you would like to help cover all or a partial amount of the boys schooling, please contact us and we will help you get that set up. This could be given as a lump sum or broken down into monthly donations you can give specifically towards it. You just let us know! 🙂


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We have loved seeing God work through each of you and we can never thank you enough.


The Starkeys 

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