What we’re looking forward to!

Awhile back we did a post on the things that we were struggling with, people & things we would miss. It felt good to share them, to think about them and not act like they are not going to happen. It is part of the preparation! HOWEVER…we wanted to do another list. We thought it was time to now do a list about all we were looking forward to, with moving our family to Haiti.


  • Experiencing new things together as a family.
  • Getting to know new people & hopefully make new life-long friendships.
  • Trying new foods we would have never tried before.
  • Learning to do things differently than in America, figuring out how to adapt. Part of this yes will be hard but part of it will be exciting too.
  • JESUS! Of course Jesus is everywhere, but we are very excited to see what Jesus is doing in Haiti and get to be a little part of it.
  • As we take teams to different places or go to the different schools, we will be excited to see all the new places and God’s creation wherever we go.
  • Learning another language.
  • Having a banana tree in our background and getting fresh produce, some of which we can’t get in America or as fresh as we will get it there.
  • The boys are excited to be able to go to the beach a bit more often than we do here in Ohio 😉
  • Micaiah is excited to have his birthday in warm weather. (He is a March baby)
  • Isaac is excited to meet Nathan Nunemaker’s bunnies.
  • Looking forward to the boys living a life there that is more simple and just plain fun for them to play outside with friends and be boys.
  • Excited for the boys to have new teachers (that are not me however April will miss homeschooling them) and friends at their new school.
  • Excited to meet all the people that come down to serve & love. We look forward to growing relationships with them as well.
  • Making our new home there HOME! Making new memories in it and starting new traditions together there.
  • Riding an ATV around the village to the places we need to go to.
  • Not having to shovel snow or wear a winter coat!!!!
  • Video chatting with friends & family and sharing our adventures online with them. Thankful for technology.
  • Visits from friends & family when they come to visit. That will be so wonderful to show them our new home and share the beauty of Haiti with them.
  • We are just so excited because we know God doesn’t need us, but He wants to use us and we are grateful. We look forward to seeing what all He will have us do in Haiti for His kingdom. We look forward to serving & loving wherever He leads.


The Starkeys

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