A piece of the puzzle!

Life has been moving as fast as a roller coaster here lately and we are sure it will only be speeding up these last 3 months even more before we move. We wanted to do a simple quick post to share a BIG need of ours. We have $750 more in MONTHLY SUPPORT that we need to have coming in on a monthly basis from various people, before we move to Haiti. We are so close from where we started and we praise God for that.

So we wanted to do something fun & unique…A PUZZLE GRID! When we get all these boxes filled up, we will have the $750 we need! Check out the image below and see if one of the boxes is something you and your family could commit to giving to us each month, to help support us as we actively serve in Haiti. We will be sharing this on social media as well as on here and as we get new monthly supporters in each of the boxes, we will reveal a part of the puzzle below until it is all revealed!

IT’S VERY EASY! All you need to do is pick a box of which amount you want to commit to each month and let us know which row/color/box you are picking.  Then click HERE to create your online profile on our organizations website and set up your automatic monthly payment. You can even pick the start date and how often you want it to come out, in case you are one of those that like to do annually instead! If you have any questions, please feel free contact us. Here is a short simple video that shows how to set up your support too: Video on setting up support

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We are so excited to see how God brings in this last little bit we need each month.

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The Starkeys

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