If I’m honest…

I remember reading a missionary blog at the beginning of our journey, who had shared what they were going to most miss & what they were struggling with giving up. I decided to do this and I actually found it quite helpful & healing just to get it written down. Without a shadow of a doubt, we know God is having us do this, He made it so clear! Without a shadow of a doubt, we WANT to go there and we are VERY ready. However, we are also HUMAN 😉 and we have a lot we are giving up to do this, but we are very willing to do so, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be easy.

So I thought it would be fun to share my list with you. If anything, just so you can get a sense of what we will be going through during the transition and how to pray for us.


  • Grocery selection, pizza delivery, restaurants & fast food for days we don’t want to cook or for special celebrations.
  • Good roads. 2 cars to go where needed whenever we want. Government order/laws. Our van that I’ve grown to love.
  • Church community. Our church sermon/message live in person. Worship. Leading worship with our team at church.
  • FAMILY time with parents/siblings/nephews/nieces.
  • Watching the boys do sports.
  • Air conditioning or cooler weather during certain seasons. Bug-free food. High speed internet. Reliable and clear phone calls.
  • Familiar culture. Reliable electricity. Tarantula free home.
  • Target. Walmart. Hobby Lobby. Kroger. Aldi. Home Depot.
  • Daily mail service. Access to medical care. Movie theater. Limitless entertainment options. Privacy. Everyone speaking my language. Cheap utilities.
  • Homeschooling the boys. Security. Coffee shops.
  • Most of all FAMILY! We are blessed to have such amazing family & friends who we love dearly and will miss dearly.

We gladly give up all these things for Jesus and what He has called us to do…but we are still human…and we know some days it will be hard and it will even hurt. This was more in fun than anything BUT we ask that you truly would pray for us as we do make this transition. That is would go smoother than we think, we would transition well and the boys too, that through it we would honor & glorify Jesus!!


2 thoughts on “If I’m honest…”

  1. April, I am so glad for your honest, sweet heart! I can’t even imagine having to give all of these things up! And you and your family are giving up all of this and more, in order to follow the call to be missionaries that He has called your family to be. I love your family and will continue praying for you all along the way!!!❤️

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