Would you pray for us?

IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE BIG NEWS YET…we have a move date! YAY! August 23rd! So needless to say we have A LOT to get done in the next 4 months, so much to where it could start to be overwhelming if we let it…BUT praise God, we are praying & asking Him to lead us each step of the way. We have some SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS NOW that we would LOVE for all of you to add to your prayer lists, thank you so much!

1. First & foremost the sale of our house! It goes on the market the week after Easter. We have 4 months until we move so needless to say we are praying for a quick sale of our beautiful home that we have loved the past 12 years.

2. It has been truly amazing to see God bring in our monthly support. In ways that has blown us away and we have to write them down so we don’t forget. We still have a ways to go before we move. We need at minimum $750 more a month in support but more would be so helpful. Please continue praying with us for families & churches to join our support team and for connections to speak at more churches, small groups/bible studies etc!

3. In the summer we will be selling our two vehicles so we would love prayer for quick selling of those as well.

4. In June Jim and I have field training at RMI US headquarters in Florida. Please be praying for us and the boys, as we prepare for life in Haiti.

5. With so much prepping for the sale of our house, cleaning, decluttering, throwing away, packing and then figuring out all we have to buy this side of Haiti, what we take with us etc…lots of stuff to think through and decide so please pray for wisdom for us and energy/good health with all we have to do.

Please just pray in general that we finish well on this side of the journey and also make precious memories with our family & friends this summer.  We know your prayers will help sustain us and help us greatly so thank you so much!

Last but not least, we will leave you with a super short adorable video of ours boys 😉

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