January Haiti Update!

FAMILY UPDATE: Our family may have been snowed in most of January but we have kept busy. We are excited to share we are prepping our house to sale soon so we’ve been busy giving a fresh coat of paint to many rooms, decluttering and staging the house for when we put it on the market here in the next 2-4 weeks!

We also have had a lot of fun playing board games inside together as a family. The boys have been working hard on their studies and both just finished a few of their school books and Isaac was in the top 2 in his grade for the IS Speech Meet. Zeke turned 2 on the very last day of the year and we had a fun celebration with family. Our little bilingual toddler is learning more English and more Creole every single day! April is on lesson 5 of learning Creole with Haiti Hub. Since Jim has already done all the lessons, it’s been nice having him go over things and help her study.

KEEPING BUSY! We had the privilege of speaking at Lexington Grace Brethren Church in January and really enjoyed our time there with their church family, who was very welcoming to our family. 51791316_10218350912261627_7695842672941989888_n

LOOKING AHEAD: We are speaking at a local church on February 10th, a small group in Akron, OH on the 12th, and another local church on March 3rd. We are working hard on our end and trusting God on His for the rest of the connections we need to get us fully funded so we can get to Haiti. We are really needing to be down there as soon as possible. There is simply so much to do there and not enough hands & feet, so we are needed there greatly. As you know we are trying to get fully funded by the end of March, so we are 2 MONTHS AWAY and are 43% raised in monthly support right now and need to be at 100%. Our one-time moving costs are almost completely raised, we are around 90% right now, which is amazing. However, we can’t move until our monthly is higher, as the one-time moving cost fund is simply to allow us to move down there, while the monthly will help KEEP us there.

So please be in prayer that God would lead us to those He wants to use to be on our monthly support team, whether it’s a church, group or individual family! We would LOVE if you took a few minutes today and thought & prayed about if any people you know, may have a small group, bible study or church they’d love to have us come share at and also if your family would like to join our monthly support team. Thank you so much!

WE NEED YOU! Like we shared above, we need prayer! We appreciate so much when we hear from so many of you, that you are praying for our family. You have no idea how much that means to us. Please pray for all those things we mentioned above. If you’ve been waiting until the end, until we were about to go, THE TIME IS NOW. We truly need all of our friends & family to take a minute, pray and see if there is anyway they can make a way to support us monthly so we can get down there. This allows YOU to be a part of what Christ is doing down there. Would you like to be a part of the remaining 57% we need in monthly support that we need to raise in the next 2 months?

To become a MONTHLY SUPPORTER and make our list of 56 amazing families that support us monthly grow, please go HERE!

We could not do this without you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support, encouragement, reading our updates and asking us how the journey is going means the world to us. We have an amazing tribe ❤ We love you all!

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