Ending the year with 48 special families!

Happy New Year! Not only did we get to celebrate Jesus’ birth and spend time with family & friends but our youngest, ZEKE, turns two on New Year’s Eve!  We had 6 family Christmas gatherings, which we cherished since we will be in Haiti next Christmas.  We received a beautiful handmade sign with Jeremiah 29:11 on it in Creole with a hand painted Ohio and Haiti drawn on it with hearts where we live now and where we will live in Haiti. April received a beautiful necklace with Ohio and Haiti and a heart between the two. These will especially mean so much once we move over and miss our loved ones. FUN FACT: As you celebrate New Year’s on January 1st, Haitians are celebrating their independence day, which was established in 1804! 49022300_10218039877685957_1375078773891792896_o.jpg

We are ending this year filled with SUCH gratitude! We now have 48 amazing families/individuals who have joined our monthly support team & 1 church as well, which we are forever grateful for. We cannot begin to describe to you the relationships we already feel are forming from these families who have joined our team. Their support, love, encouragement have gone such a long ways this past year to help us on our journey. God is already using them!

We are at 40% raised and have the next 3 months to raise the last 60% we need in order to move by the end of Spring! It’s pretty urgent now that we get down there as soon as we can, so we will be going to the grind now more than ever, starting this week, to raise up the rest of our support! Please be in prayer for our family as this can be very taxing in many ways but we know it’s so worth it. We also are reminded and filled with such peace that we are not alone, God is the one bringing in these funds and we are just doing our part each day with what we can do and trusting Him to do what only He can do! We are so excited knowing He is alone can do this. We don’t know how to explain it but we are sensing things are going to start moving here quickly and so we’d would love your prayers for our family as we work hard on our end, trusting God on His, to provide the rest of our funds so we can move. We would love prayer for our health, for us as we sell our house here soon, as we then start to pack and all the training and other things we need to do between now and our move.  The time is definitely NOW if you have been waiting to start your monthly support, we need all those who would like to join our monthly support team to help us serve in Haiti, to start now! We need it more than ever now as we cannot go down until our funds are finished being raised to the point that it can support our family down there.   DONATE HERE!

If you cannot become a monthly supporter right now but would like to make a last minute END OF YEAR special gift, we would greatly appreciate that as well. All donations are tax deductible.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God encourage your hearts this year and draw you & your family closer to Him more than ever before. Praising God for 2018 and excited to see what awaits us in 2019! To God be the glory!


The Starkeys

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