Woohoo! Another milestone is hit!

Copy of marriedYAY for 40%!!! It’s been a crazy year but very worth it, since we said yes to God asking our family to move to Haiti! Thank you to the 45 families/individuals who have joined our monthly support team to make up this 40%, we literally cannot do this without you!

We are SO EXCITED to see who God uses to make up the 60% left we need before we move down to Haiti! Our GOAL is to be fully funded by THIS MARCH! We have 4 months left to raise the last 60% so we will be going non-stop trying to connect with churches, small groups, bible studies and individuals to share our journey and see if they’d like to partner with us! Please let us know if your family or church would like to know more about joining our support team or have us come speak!

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! We are so grateful to have reached this milestone of 40%! If you’d like to join our monthly support team and be a part of the last 60% we need, you can go HERE to set it up! ❤ 


Please continue praying for our family as we prepare to put our home up for sale around the 50% mark and then after that will have training around the 65% mark, preparing/packing and many more things to do in the coming months. Please be praying for speaking opportunities for us and for God to connect us with the people He wants to be on our monthly support team!


The Starkeys

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