Home is wherever I’m with you


When we first started on this journey, I remember having a talk with Jim and sharing how I know when the day comes for us to put our house up for sale (which is soon hopefully YAY, about 10% more in monthly support and we plan on starting the process), it will really hit home and be an emotional time for me because we brought all of our babies home to this house, we have been here for the past almost 12 years and so we have many memories from this house. I remember us talking about how we don’t need the house to remember the memories though, we have those memories and we will take them with us  wherever God calls us and that’s all we need.

A little while after that I came across this quote for the first time… “HOME is wherever I’m with you.” Now maybe I have seen that quote before but just like when you read certain passages in the bible and you could have read them a ton of times before but THAT time it really stands out to you because of God using it specifically for that time in your life, maybe it was like that for me with this quote. This time when I read it, it hit me so hard I think I even teared up the first time and again tonight as I read it again, because now it’s not just a corny cliche little saying that make people go “ahhhh” to me anymore. Now, it’s like hitting me smack dab in the face and reminding me “April, wherever you go, no matter where in the world God calls you, it will be HOME because Jim and the boys are there and most importantly God is there.” We may not be with our family once we move to Haiti like we are now and we may only see them 1-2 times a year, we may miss them like cRaZy even and cry at times because of missing out on things we use to do with them. HOWEVER…we will be home because we will be TOGETHER and we will be where He wants us and we will have His peace that surpasses ALL emotions we may go through or things we have to give up to be down there.

So now I’m on the hunt to get one of those signs for our move so that I can have that in our home in Haiti to remind me… You ARE home April! Wherever Jim is, wherever the boys are and most of all wherever God has planted you…YOU ARE HOME!

Color outside the lines,

April  😉


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