We have a short-term Giving Tuesday fundraising goal of raising $1,000 more in MONTHLY support which you can do by going to to pick your start date and amount that will take out each month. We also have a $5,000 goal of special gift donations on our Faceboook fundraiser page, to help us start serving in Les Cayes, Haiti with Reciprocal Ministries International. You can donate for the $5,000 special gift goal right on the fundraiser page on Fb! If you want to become a monthly supporter, you can give $15 per month, $200 per month or anywhere in between, by going to . We are greatly appreciative of all of our supporters.

The best way to learn how to become a monthly supporter of ours is watching this short video we created that walks you through it:

OUR STORY: Around 1 1/2 years ago God called our family to move to Haiti to help serve & love the people there. It was absolutely amazing, the work God did in each of our hearts to show us this is what He was asking us to do. Jim has already learned the language and will be a part of taking teams out into the remote villages of Haiti and staying there during the week with them as they do various things to help build up the local body of believers in that Haitian village & church. They will do things to help encourage, build relationships, disciple and equip them so that once they leave, that local haitian church is more equipped and encouraged to know how to reach out to their community and continue to share the good news of Jesus and disciple them. Haitians helping Haitians is so much better for the long term success of Haiti. April will be helping with the Hope for Kids program that helps over 100 schools and several thousand children to be able to go to school, have uniforms, supplies, medical care if needed, and a hot meal. This gives them a hope for their future!

Our family cannot move until we are 100% fully funded. Right now we are 35% and we are so eager to be there and we are needed there now. Would you pray & consider joining our team during this Holiday weekend #GivingTuesday? Please feel free to message us with any questions as well and check out our familiy blog at


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