A little bit of Q & A!

Sunday we had the privilege of sitting down with our pastor during the message part of the service and we did a Q & A! This was a fun change up from what we usually do when we speak at churches. Our church has been so gracious to have us speak every few months, to give updates on our journey and share with people how they can help be a part of our team! This was our third time speaking at our home church, and our favorite so far as we really liked the style of our pastor asking us questions that we answered! Questions about everything from how life will be different for the boys there, will parenting be different, how will we prepare for the times we will feel overwhelmed due to all the hard things we will see there, to things like how we were called, updates and where we are at now etc! If you’d like to watch the Q & A you can find it below! At the end they had some of the pastors/elders/past missionaries come up and pray over us, which was very encouraging as well.

WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z45TEBmZh3A


If you’d like to hear us speak in person, you can come to North Bend church in Butler Ohio coming up on the 18th of November or Lexington GBC on January 6th! If you’d like to have us come share at your church or small group/bible study, please let us know, we would love to! Want to join our support team to help us get down to Haiti? Click HERE!


The Starkeys

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