Never knew training could be so fun!

A few weeks ago we went to Washington state for some training to continue to help us in our journey to Haiti. We went in not quite sure what to expect and knew we would be in training for 9 hours each of the two days there. They did a phenomenal job at keeping our attention from silly putty to hands on group activities to getting us up and involved.

We walked away from this training with so many tools in our belt. It was so helpful to give us so much wisdom, practical training and hands on practice with other missionaries as well. What we didn’t expect at all was to gain friendships that we did. We grew to love the people at our table and now have a group text chat with them. We also got to know 3 amazing people/couples from it as well. We LOVE what God is doing in their lives and we look forward to following their journeys.

We got in early the day before so we took advantage of it to drive around a bit since we were in the northwest and had never been before. We went to Multnomah Falls, which was absolutely breathtaking and then drove to Columbia River Gorge. On the flight home God gave me the gift of mountains. I had wanted to see mountains while we were there but we didn’t have time and the weather wasn’t cooperating. Well, on the flight home we literally flew right past Mt. Hood, which was the one I really wanted to see. I could also see 3 other mountains in the distance. It was INCREDIBLE!

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IMPORTANT! We are doing something exciting online the second week in October for our FAR AWAY FRIENDS & FAMILY! We are doing our best throughout the past few months and in the coming months, to get together and share our hearts, calling & Haiti ministry to everyone in person that we live near but we wanted a more personal way to share it with those that live far away, that we can’t meet in person with. So we decided to create and do our own fun online event where we will have videos of us sharing about our calling, what we will be doing down there and a lot more fun informative stuff! It will be sometime the week of the 8th-12th, so if you don’t live near us and you’d love to find out more about how God called us (it’s pretty awesome, go God!) and what we will be doing in Haiti, comment below, message/text or email us and let us know and we will add you to the event once we have it up and running!

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We are so thankful for each of you! Thank you for your support & prayers!


The Starkeys

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