Calling ALL churches & small groups!!!

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Hey friends! Can you believe October 16th will already be one year since we went public and shared how God is having our family move to Haiti as missionaries? With the leaving of 2 missionary families who retired, our organization is really needing us down there more than they even did at the beginning of our journey and they are trying hard to do all they can to get us down there. Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter and become a part of our team? Follow this link to join our team today! 🙂

We are NOW LOOKING for churches or small groups/bible studies across the USA that would love to have us come and speak at their church! We can talk in as little as 10 minutes or use the whole service, up to you! If you live in OHIO or surrounding states and wouldn’t mind connecting us with your church or small group/bible study, we would be FOREVER GRATEFUL. We still have a ways to go (about 70%) in our monthly support that we need. We know God knows WHO He will use so we are praying for the opportunity to share what He is doing in our lives, in Haiti and encourage others as we are on this journey to Haiti. Please contact us HERE or email us at or

Thank you all so much for your prayers & support! You truly will never know how much it means to us! ❤


Jim & April

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