Praises & Prayer requests!

April's SuperHeroes!
*Praising God for another family who joined our team and became a monthly supporter of ours this week.
*Praise that we received $1,000 towards our one-time moving costs from Hilltop Community Church’s VBS AND we don’t know how much yet, but another VBS donated to us as well, which is such a blessing and encouragement to us.
*Praise that we’ve had the opportunity to speak at two different churches the past month. Thank you Hilltop Community & Faith UMC for having us, what a blessing it was for our family to be there.
*Praise that our first church partnership sent in their first 6 months of support this week and what a blessing & encouragement it was to us to see their faithfulness in giving to our journey.
*Jim’s sweet grandparents decided to have donations that people sent for Jim’s grandpa’s home-going to heaven, go to us and Jim’s other cousin as well. So even through loss, God used family to encourage our hearts and bring some more for our one-time moving costs.
1. As of right now, we have no more speaking opportunities scheduled on our calendar BUT we are excited because we fully trust that now that we are open, God will be leading us to the next “tuft of grass” and opening more doors. We trust Him and are excited to see where He will lead us next. So please be praying with us for more churches to find out about us and want us to come and speak at their church.
3. Please pray for April as she starts homeschooling both boys this year at the end of August as this will be the first year doing that, plus having little Zeke to keep busy too.
4. Please pray for God to continue to use this journey even on this side of Haiti, to grow us in Him and grow others as well. That we would continue to feel His peace and joy through the waiting stage and wisdom to know how to go about each new step.
5. For God to connect us with the families, individuals and churches He wants to use to be our monthly supporters. We would LOVE to be at 50% by the beginning or middle of Fall and right now we are still at 1/4 of the way there so we have a ways to go but we truly believe it could easily happen with just another 10-20 families/individuals coming alongside us! God knows who they are and we are excited to find out in the future who they are too and have them be a part of our team!
Thank you so much everyone! ❤ We love you all and appreciate your prayers more than you know!

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