You are Loved! Happy Mother’s Day!

You are Loved! (1)

Happy Mother’s Day to ….

– All the soon to be Mother’s who are feeling their precious little ones kick inside of them right now and long for the moment to hold them for the first time.

– All the Mother’s who are yet to be. Who long for the time they see a positive pregnancy test or get the call from the adoption agency that they were picked. I’ve walked your journey, it’s a hard one, but don’t give up, it’s so worth it on the other end. Pray now for your children in the future, wherever God brings them to you from. How He puts your family together will be the most beautiful way it can be done.

– All who have lost their Mother and now use this day to remember her. Dwell on all the good, think about the precious moments you had with her growing up and spend today thanking God for your mom, no matter how long you had her in your life. May you feel God’s peace with you today 

– All the Mother’s with children with special needs or children from hard places that just need extra loving, extra work on our part as Mother’s to advocate hard for them to find the best treatment, therapy or whatever else to help them thrive. To those that even might have had to put up with a hard situation or meltdown TODAY as a Mother (that may have happened in our household this morning 😉 ), but you are so thankful they are YOUR child and you would do anything for them.

– All who have littles running around your feet and you feel exhausted most of the time but you are so thankful each day to wake up and hear them call you MOMMA and reach out with open arms to you.

– All the mommas of Teenagers and young adults. Such emotional, trying times for Momma’s and beautiful times too! You grow as much as they are growing, as you learn more and more to let go and let God lead them knowing He loves them more than you can imagine. Hold on to each little moment with them and remind yourself of all the seeds you are planting now that you will see one day.

– All the mommas who has lost sweet precious littles. Whether in the womb or after you’ve held them in your arms or who have been with them for years. You knew them, you loved them, you named them and for some, you held them. Today can be so hard for us momma’s who have others in eternity (we have 6 sweet children waiting for us in heaven) that we can’t wait to see one day. Praying peace for us as we remember the good things about the time we had with them 

– All Birthmomma’s who so bravely chose to give life to their sweet babies so that they would live. They walk a hard, lonely road but one from such bravery and courage. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are loved. You are worthy. You are needed. Praying for you to feel God’s love wrapped around you today.

-All the mothers with grown kids who may even now have some grandkids as well. Cherish all those sweet adult moments with them. They may be less now and they may look differently than they did when your children were growing up, but make no mistake about it, your children love you just as much and are so thankful for it, even if they don’t show it like they did before.

-All the mothers who have children who have walked away, are struggling, rebelling or hurting so deeply and you struggle to figure out how to help them & wonder what you can do. You are not alone. Fight for them on your knees daily in prayer to God knowing that God loves them more than you can ever imagine. Trust that the seeds you planted in the early years, will sprout and grow and bring them to where they need to be.

No matter where you find yourself today, THANK YOU for helping in one way or MANY to build-up, encourage and raise so many wonderful children, whether yours or not!

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