We’re 1/4 of the way there! YAY!

We have to celebrate because it’s a milestone marker in our journey to Haiti! Today after hearing of two more new families who decided to support us monthly, we realized we are OFFICIALLY 25% there! We are praising God because it feels good to get to this milestone! We look ahead now and look forward to the 50% marker and especially the 60% marker because that is when we can go do our cultural training, which we are looking forward to.


Some days feels like it’s taking forever haha and some days are very encouraging. Through all of the days though, God continually gives us His peace and keeps growing us and showing us why He still has us here. Though we would have loved to be at 50% by now, we know our plans are not THE plans, their His plans and so we are excited that He has brought 17 families and 2 businesses into our ministry family so far to support us monthly. We are thankful for the people who have asked how we are doing or shared how God put us on their heart and told us they’ve been praying for us. We are thankful for the places that have allowed us to come and share our journey and story with you all. We are thankful for the way God goes before us and is preparing this journey and our time and place in Haiti before we get there. HE IS SO GOOD!

Continue to pray for our journey friends! We need it greatly! We love you all!


The Starkeys

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