Treasuring the little things

Tonight was night two of beautiful 70 degree Spring weather here in Ohio and since we had snow just a few days ago, we are taking every single second of this beautiful weather in. Tonight was the second night in a row we went outside and built a fire and just enjoyed watching the boys play. Micaiah, our 5 year old, is still at the age that he loves to pick me all sorts of things (especially dandelions) and bring them to me as little gifts, little treasures. Tonight he brought o30742209_10215954986924991_2528963691202740224_nver a dandelion, which melted my heart and it instantly becomes the most beautiful flower in the whole world when your little boy gives it to you because he loves you. Then he brought over a beautiful leaf and we talked about how leaves have veins like we do and how God created them that way so the water can go through them to help them grow! Finally he decided to bring me one last little gift, a grape hyacinth and said “look mommy it’s your favorite color!”

I love how God uses our children to remind us of things. Here lately and again even tonight, I was reminded of how precious and special it is when we don’t keep rushing from one place to another, one event/occasion to another, one day to another. Instead of wishing the days away and waiting for something else, I want to try so much harder at just being at peace with whatever is going on THAT day and just resting in it, enjoying it and spending time with my God and my family. I needed that reminder because when we first started this journey of raising support to move to Haiti, even with all the prep and warning of how hard this part of the journey is, we still didn’t realize just how hard some days can be. When your heart yearns to be in a place that God has so clearly shown you that He wants you there, each day feels like forever as you wait to go. I will admit my human side was starting to get discouraged and frustrated because we are about 1/4 of the way raised in our monthly supporters and we were hoping to be around 50% by now. THEN GOD! I am so thankful that God doesn’t let us stay where we are. He’s been working in my heart in SO many ways already on this journey and recently He’s helped me LET GO OF MY TIMELINE and realize that while we are here, it’s because of a reason. What if just like tonight, Micaiah brought those little treasures to me, God has little treasures along the way as well for us or others, while we are still here on this side of the journey. I don’t want to miss out on those treasures, on what He is doing on this side of the journey because I’m so focused on how we are not THERE yet. We have no idea how He may use this journey and our calling to impact or make a difference somewhere and so He alone knows the days He still needs us here and He alone knows when He is ready for us to move to Haiti. So thankful for little treasures, little reminders, that God sends through others to remind us of His love and plans for us! ❤ Have a great weekend friends!


April Starkey 


1 thought on “Treasuring the little things”

  1. Love you friend:) Enjoyed this blog, what a great reminder to be present in the present and not miss out on His blessings by thinking of the future.


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