Cards! Cards! Cards!

We are starting our second fundraiser soon and we wanted to give you a little PREVIEW of what it is! Along with us spreading the word as much as we can and praying for God to bring in families to be a part of our ministry team and support us financially each month, we of course need to work on building up on our one-time moving costs as well so that we have it ready to go before we move next year! So….this fundraiser is near and dear to my heart because it’s through the company I use to be a Director with and so I know these cards and how awesome they are and how much people love them. A friend of mine who founded Mercy for Mamas, which helps give birthing kits to mamas in Uganda, was able to raise almost $3,000 in two weeks with the fundraiser. So here is a preview of what the cards are like! 29792180_10215891486577522_7705971103474122752_o30261447_10215900377279784_1304774896605200384_o

We have used these cards for years now and what we LOVE about them is they are truly high-quality and super fun! We love getting the box out when we need a card and the boys help me pick out our favorites! We love seeing which cards have interactive features! So here are the details…

OUR GOAL: To raise $3,000 towards our moving costs.

WHAT WE WILL NEED TO DO THAT: Sell 232 boxes! Which is easy peasy when you have people helping you collect orders! My friend had around 15 people helping her take orders and that is how they were able to achieve their goal! So we are looking for 17 people near and far that would like to take in person/online orders for 15 boxes.

We will be starting here in the next week or two and it will run for TWO WEEKS! We have a few “helpers” already that are wanting to help collect orders for us, so we need to find at least 10 more! Would you like to be one of them? If not, would you like a box or two yourself? 🙂

BOX DETAILS: There are two different all-occasion boxes, one kids birthday box and one thanks & blanks box! They are so beautiful, unique, high-quality and would easily each cost $4-$6 each at the store but you get 30 of them in each reusable box for $30 flat (no tax or shipping)! So it works out to only $1 a card and you have them to pull out everytime you need one throughout the year instead of having to get out and go to the store each time! WIN WIN! 🙂

COMMENT BELOW or EMAIL me if you’d like to be a HELPER with getting some orders OR if you would like any boxes yourself when we start it! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cards! Cards! Cards!”

    1. Thanks Cassie and thanks for coming out and supporting us tonight ❤ I'll just need your $30 for the box by the 30th of April when we turn it in 🙂 The boxes will come a week later!


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