Great News!


TONIGHT IS A NIGHT I WILL NEVER FORGET! My sweet Isaac asked Jesus to be His Savior! Jim and I did feet washing with the boys tonight and read the story of the last supper and Jesus washing the disciples feet with them. Later that night I tucked them into bed and Isaac said “Mom, you know how I haven’t asked Jesus to be my Savior yet, well I want to” and I said oh yeah, when would you like to sweetie and he said NOW! 🙂 We went in my room and he shared with me how He believed Jesus died for his sins and he wanted him to be his Savior. He prayed a sweet prayer asking Jesus to forgive him of his sins.

This alone is the biggest deal ever right. However, I am rejoicing even more tonight because I have seen the journey he’s had getting here. He is VERY literal and processes things differently than most due to his sensory processing disorder and so for several months now, he’s talked about it A LOT and had so many questions and been confused b/c of being so literal. He thought months ago that because we went to see his sister Annabelle at the grave/cemetery and we always mentioned she is in heaven, he thought heaven was underground, a grave. Since then we have helped him realize that is not the case of course ❤

To see all he has had to go through and struggle with because of SPD and other stuff and yet see his heart open like this tonight, is something so beautiful and something I am so grateful to have been a part of! He shared how he had been praying about this so I know he was taking it seriously because of how much he’s been talking about the past few months and saying he wasn’t ready yet. I went back up a bit later and climbed up in the top of his bunk bed with him to cuddle and I thought he was asleep so I was speaking over him telling him how much I loved him, was proud of him and how he was a child of God now because of him asking Jesus to be his savior and little did I know he was still awake and he turned around and gave me the biggest smile and said “You can sleep up here if you want” and would fall asleep and then wake up a bit and say it again and fall asleep and then wake up again a few moments later and say it again! It was precious! I look forward to celebrating with him tomorrow! God is so good! We’ve sought the Lord so much since Isaac’s birth about this very moment, but especially the past year when he had all the questions and confusion and you could tell his sweet little brain was just trying to process everything. I love him so much and so I am so thankful for tonight ❤


The Starkeys

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