Choosing Christ over Voodoo!

This was so powerful of a story I woke up to this morning that I just HAD to share it with you all! Our organization RMI shared this morning about this lady pictured below!29513180_10156164417821069_2638193929540354039_n

“In a dramatic response to the Gospel, in the presence of her disapproving family, this woman chose Christ as she took off her Voodoo amulet from around her neck (said to be protecting her from a curse that would kill her during the very soon delivery of her baby).” – RMI

THIS! This right here is one of the MANY reasons why Jim and I yearn to be over in Haiti and cannot wait until we have all of our monthly supporters. What an amazing thing God has done in this ladies life through RMI our organization. Voodoo is so prevalent over there and keeps so many of them in bondage. I long to see more people like her set free with the power of Christ!  Please consider being one of our monthly supporters to help us get to Haiti as we are needed there as soon as we can get there! We are 22% raised right now. DONATE HERE!

Jim & April

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