The Road to Les Cayes!

We figured most of you have NO IDEA where we are going to be living and what it looks like there so we thought it would be fun to share a few videos that show just that! 🙂 This first video is of the main road that takes you to Les Cayes and it shows a beautiful view. You can skip through it but check it out for a minute to see the beauty of Haiti even just on the road!

One plus about technology is it’s helping us prepare our boys for what they will see and what it looks like where we will live in Haiti! 🙂 We’ve been having fun watching different YouTube videos of the place we will live and places we will visit. Many people have done drone overhead videos now which makes it really nice to see things. This is already showing to help one of our boys who struggles with any sort of change. They are getting more and more excited now about our move! Here is another fun video you can skip through to see the rural/mountain part of where we will be living and then the next video after that will be a video showing the “downtown”, city part of Les Cayes by the water! These videos make me want to get a drone 😉

Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into what the land and area will look like for us when we move to Les Cayes Haiti!

Until next time,

The Starkeys

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