Weekend of encouragement!

Such an encouraging weekend as we spent time with friends who recently were missionaries in Haiti. They shared some things with us to encourage us while we are in the raising monthly support stage. They reminded us of the ministry God is doing NOW and what God is growing in us NOW while we wait for the rest of our support to raise up so we can move! Such encouragement to our hearts! Our families had a wonderful time together playing games, chatting, going on a little hike and playing outside together. They have been a blessing to us since we first met them in Haiti two years ago and we have grown to love their family so much! In other great news, we also heard today of a NEW family who is supporting us monthly now so that was VERY encouraging too! I know one day we will look back on this stage and be able to see how God was orchestrating every single piece of our journey to Haiti 


Until next time!


The Starkeys

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