This is AMAZING!

I recently read the year end summary from our organization on what they were able to accomplish in 2017. It blew me away and I cannot wait for the day that our family will be there as a part of it and there is so much need down there that once they get us down there, Lord willing, we can help them accomplish even more. What I love about looking at all the year end numbers is that those are just the STATS they could come up with and numbers they can share but what it doesn’t show is all the relationship building, hope being given, and other small and big things that happen on a daily basis there that you can’t quite define with numbers or stats. Both are amazing and we yearn to be there and help in whatever way God shows us to! So check them out because they ARE amazing…

  • Over 520 salvations and these are just the ones they know about! How completely awesome is that!
  • 40 teams came down throughout the year.
  • Many hurricane damaged roofs were either repaired or replaced.  This includes churches, schools, parsonages and homes.
  • 163 water filters were distributed improving the health of  those families and their neighbors.
  • 963 goats were distributed to provide sources of income for those families.
  • 5,700 children received a daily hot lunch.
  • 16,796 children’s health were improved through the Hope for Kidz de-worming program.
  • 2,366 children are now sponsored through Hope for Kidz.
  • Processed 15 food containers – – that is 310 tons of food (which is 18,260 boxes of food – each one of which were handled at least 3 times – or 3,944,160 meals).
  • 6 new Haitian employees were hired covering areas such as partnership facilitator, Hope for Kidz, mechanics and guard duty.

Now THAT is news to celebrate! That is amazing right? How can you not get excited about that! We are so grateful to each of you who have been able to give to our journey and become monthly supporters because it’s YOU who will be allowing us to go and minister there so when we report things once we live there, that will be because of YOU and God working through your family! We look forward to seeing who God has join our ministry family in 2018! Love you all! Here is some of the AMAZING people we know and love already and cannot wait to do life and ministry with there in Haiti!



The Starkeys

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