Happy New Year! (Updates & info)

Happy New Year everyone! We celebrated last night with staying in with the boys, building Legos, puzzles and just having a fun time together as a family! The boys LOVED the Sparkling red grape juice we bought 😉 It was also Zeke’s first birthday yesterday and so we celebrated him and it being one year since we got the call from our adoption agency that he had been born ❤ A New Year is always so fun because it’s full of so much potential & new beginnings! A fresh new start so to speak. I don’t think it’s so much about resolutions but more about taking that time and moment to stop, reflect, refresh, be still before God and see what He wants to do in you for the coming year and how you can grow in Him to make Him known more. I LOVE this time of year for that reason alone and of course you can do that ANY time of the year but it always is a wonderful time to do it with a fresh new year.

We wanted to share THREE things with you all…

1. Our T-shirt campaign we did has been so much fun and has brought in around $750 so far for our one-time moving costs! We will continue to do this fundraiser on and off until we leave because we have people continually asking if we are doing another one so we figured we can just keep it on-going so people can buy them when they want to or can. We combined BOTH links into ONE to make it simple so you can FIND and buy all the shirts on this link right here until the 25th of January when this campaign will end and then we will start another on sometime in February! https://www.bonfire.com/starkeys-one-time-moving-costs-to-haiti/

2. Friends of ours from church, the Carmeans, own an amazing online boutique called    Soul Revival Boutique and they are donating 10% of their entire sales in January and February to us, for Haiti. Isn’t that amazing! Here is their Fb page as well. They have AMAZING clothes that I love and I know you will too! So if you need some clothes or gifts in the near future, check them out because you will be able to buy, knowing that 10% of your purchase helps us! ❤ Here are just a few of their amazing items…



3. IF YOU GO TO CHURCH WITH US, you will be donating through the church instead of organization, if you want to be one of our monthly supporters! So to do that, please go to http://www.discovercommunity.org or a more direct link is HERE and click on the GIVE drop down menu and click on Starkey. Then put in the amount you want to give on a weekly or monthly basis. Next you will select the occurrence drop down menu to select weekly or monthly and then go from there to enter your payment info and then voila you are done and it will automatically do it for you so you don’t have to keep doing it each month! Thank you so much!

Happy New Year friends! Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing what 2018 holds and hoping we will be in Haiti by the end of it or shortly thereafter! We have a big year ahead of us with preparing our family, our home, selling things, learning the language, culture training, raising the rest of our support etc so please keep praying for us ❤ If you are ready to become one of our monthly supporters, you can click HERE to do so! ❤


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