Top 10 Fun Facts about Haiti

I know many of you might not even know exactly where Haiti is so I thought it would be fun to do a TOP 10 list. Now this list may be more “interesting” facts rather than FUN but still they are pretty light, as I won’t be going into the dark and harder to hear facts this time. These are just our top 10, not the “official” top 10 haha but anyways, here you go:

Top ten fun fats about haiti

  1. Did you know that Haiti is actually part of ONE island and that island is called Hispaniola. It’s also home to the country of Dominican Republic. Haiti takes up the western 1/3 of the island.
  2. Haiti is 27,750 sq. km in size, which is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland and roughly equal to the state of Vermont. Haiti is the most populated country in the western hemisphere with 747 people per square mile. Compare that to 65 people per square mile in Vermont.
  3. Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the CaribbeanHayti is the Indian name for the country and means “land of the mountains.” Haiti’s mountain peaks reach over 8,000 feet. It’s absolutely beautiful there in so many parts.
  4. Voodoo was actually recognised as a state religion alongside Catholicism and many haitians actually practice both together in a mix.  Haiti is the only nation in the world who has declared voodoo a religion.
  5. 50% of the nations wealth is owned by 1% of the haitians.
  6. Haiti is the first and only nation established as the result of a successful slave revolt.
  7. Haitian food is AMAZING. From their griot to banan peze, abricot, citron juice, Akra (not to be confused with Okra) and so much more! Rice and beans are considered the national dish and are the most commonly eaten meal in urban areas.
  8. Christopher Columbus landed in Haiti, thinking it was India.
  9. Haiti has the second longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba. 70% of it’s beaches are virgin.
  10. It took 20,000 workers and 15 years to build their Citadel fortress to protect their newly independent nation. It is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere.


Well there you have it folks 😉 If you didn’t know much about Haiti, now you know a bit more! Thanks for tuning in, see you next time!

The Starkeys

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