Where will the boys do their school in Haiti?

As we are on this support raising journey to get fully funded 100% with monthly supporters and one time moving costs, we will be blogging about that from time to time because obviously we can’t move to Haiti until we get that support coming in monthly BUT there is so much more we want to share with you along the way too! So be on the look out for blogs on different things about Haiti and our lives there to our lives here while we are in the waiting journey! We’ve been asked this already and I’m sure it will be asked many times again, which is fine by us, we love questions; and the question is WHERE WILL THE BOYS DO SCHOOL? If you know our family, you know we homeschool. Micaiah is in preschool at our local christian school, which Isaac did the same thing and we loved it. Then Micaiah will start homeschool next fall with Isaac, at home. The plan is to transition them to the missionary kids school they have there in Les Cayes. If we get fully funded and can move by the end of 2018, which is what RMI’s goal is for us and our goal as well, we will obviously be moving in the middle of the year. So the plan for that would be for me to finish out homeschooling Micaiah in Kindergarten and Isaac in 3rd for the rest of the school year and then help them make the transition to the missionary kids school by the next fall!

So what is this Missionary Kids school?  It’s an amazing small school for all the local missionary kids. This will be great for our boys to get to know not only the other RMI missionary kids but other missionary kids as well, from other organizations! They bring in US teachers that raise their own support to come down and teach for a year or longer and there is usually a few grades in each class. It’s a smaller setting and kind of reminds me of a large homeschool co-op class! 🙂 I think our boys will thrive in it because of the smaller setting.


The nice thing about missionary kid school is it only goes from 8am-1pm so we all come back home together at 1pm for lunch. In Haiti, lunch is the main course and bigger course of the day. That is one thing we look forward to, is being all together every day for lunch! Of course this is on the days one or both of us are not out with a team at a village.

We are excited to try this and see how it works for our boys! It would allow so many opportunities for them and us, by them going there. It will allow them to get to know and interact with more kids in the area and have a separate place away from home they can enjoy. It also will allow April to be able to do more ministry work during the day while they are at school. With Zeke being so young, he will be able to go with us to some of the things we do and April can try and do some of the ministry work from home when he is younger as well. We would love prayer that when the time comes for us to try the boys out in the school, that God would give the boys such peace and joy with it and help them transition well.

P.S. Thanks so much everyone! Today was an exciting day for us as we got our FIRST official FAMILY monthly supporter! (Our first monthly supporter we mentioned before was a business) We’ve had several commit to being monthly supporters (which we are so excited about and thankful) but nothing official yet has come through the site, so it made our hearts leap with joy today when we saw the email come in! 

We love you all, we are so thankful for you all! This journey is cRaZy and we need your prayers. We talked about how daily we have to give our worries back to God or else they would overwhelm us! To us, this amount we have to raise seems impossible…but like God has shown us so many times in our lives already…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM! ❤ So thankful for that!


The Starkeys

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