How YOU can pray for us!

23023474_10214472960595259_1847089777_n.pngIt’s been a whirlwind for us the past few weeks since we announced. It’s been fun to see those of you who have talked to us or messaged us and shared how you are praying for us or that you want to support us. We greatly appreciate it so much! Most of all, we’ve had A LOT of questions, which we love! We thought it would be nice to put together a PRAYER LIST for you all, which might help answer some of your questions but also help you all know how you can specifically be praying for us. This journey is daunting if we let get to us that way,. If we even forget for one second that God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50), this journey feels scary and overwhelming. Yet, if we remind ourselves daily that God’s got this and He already knows all the people He is going to use to send us to Haiti, then we relax, we breathe and we remember the Creator of the universe who spoke it into existence, who parted the sea, who fed the 5,000, who raised Jesus from the dead…that same awesome Creator is the one who knows every step of this journey before we even started. We might not always say it, but we COVET your prayers so much because we know there is so much spiritual warfare going on in Haiti and the enemy would love for us to NOT go to Haiti, he would love to do everything within his power to discourage us and slow us down during our support raising journey…HOWEVER we know that God already has the victory and is way more powerful so we THANK YOU for coming alongside us and praying for us during this journey. WE NEED YOU!


  1. For protection from the enemy over our family and this whole process.
  2. For God to bring alongside us, families & people who want to be prayer warriors for us & encourage us.
  3. For God to continue to prepare our hearts, the boys and our families as we make the transition to move away from all we know and all that is familiar.
  4. For us to rest in God, trust Him and not give into fear over this process.
  5. For families, individuals, churches & businesses that would come alongside us financially and become a part of our ministry family by supporting us monthly, starting immediately, because we cannot start saving up the funds to go until the monthly support starts coming in.
  6. For wisdom on which things to do, places to go and things to say during this whole support raising stage.
  7. That God would allow us to experience so much joy and peace during this stage. This stage is typically known as a really hard and dreaded stage of missions and we would love to find the good in it, find the ways that God is working in this stage for His good.
  8. For God to help us know the right time to put our house up for sale and prayer for that family who will be buying it. That God would already start making the way for them to find it and buy it when we put it up for sale.



2 thoughts on “How YOU can pray for us!”

  1. April, you and Jim and boys are in our prayers. This is an exciting time and a bittersweet time. So proud of how Jim is leading your home as the spiritual leader, yet will miss you more than I can describe. But, God is the sender, deliverer and His way is perfect. I love you sweety. Mom


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